10 Things That New PG Roommates Should Do To Get To Know Better

10 things that new PG roommates should do to get to know better:-If you’ve just moved in to a PG and you have a new roommate then you might be making attempts to know more about her, by initiating small talks. But what if we give you a few brilliant ideas on how you can get to know each other better? Wouldn’t that be just amazing? The more you know about your roommate the more comfortable you shall be in her company. So what are you waiting for? Browse through this post and say hello to a lifetime of precious friendship.

Binge watch TV series together

What can be better than lying on the couch, eating junk and binge watching some great TV shows together? Just figure out what you like watching – it can be Friends, Game of thrones or even a horror movie marathon. This shall be a great bonding exercise for you and your roommate. Checkout our post on ‘10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate’, to decide which horror movie you’d like to start your marathon with.

Order a large pizza

Who doesn’t love a thin-crust cheesy pizza? Well, a lactose intolerant roommate like Leonard Hofstadter might not, but we are pretty sure that your roommate will love it. So order a big pizza treat for your roommate and kick-start an interesting conversation.


Make embarrassing confessions about your dating history

Now you have to admit that at some point in life most of us fall into the trap of dating creeps, psychos, sociopaths and overly-attached partners. So why not enlighten your roommate about some of your horror dating history? Maybe she comes up with confessions that are even more embarrassing than yours. Would be fun listening to all the stories, isn’t it? In fact the stories can even inspire you to come up with the idea for your first novel, because if Chetan Bhagat can do it then so can you. (Wink)


Confess about stalking each other on social media

Social media has become our telescope for everything, and we are sure that after meeting your new roommate for the very first time you stalked her on FB. So sitting down together and discussing how you love your roommate’s hairstyle from the pic that she posted five years back on FB, will start an interesting conversation and definitely help you bond well.


Shop online together or just e-window shop

Online shopping is effortless and convenient – you can browse through dresses, shoes, jewellery and other things for hours and also add it to your wish-list. Now we know that you have been religiously doing this exercise since e-commerce came into existence but did you know that it can also be a great way to engage with your roomie and know more about her? Just take her opinion on a few little black dresses and the next thing you know, both of you will be glued to Jabong for hours discussing how much you love the new winter collection by Dorothy Perkins.


Decorate your room together

Another great way to know your roomies likes and interests is to decorate your room together. By doing this, you shall come to know about her interests in arts and craft, and also you’ll be able to bond easily. Read our post on ‘Tips to give your PG room a complete makeover’, to collect a few ideas for room decoration.


Become running buddies

Another activity that you can do with your roomie is to go for a walk together or even better – become running buddies. It is a great way to keep healthy and to strengthen your friendship.


Play the songs that both of you love

Music is like a dew-drop in the leaf of life. It helps us celebrate our emotions with pride, and it is a known fact that people with the same interest in music get along really well. So figure out your common interests and play some melodies.


Help each other in cooking simple meals

Apart from music, cooking is something that brings two souls closer. Plus it is fun too. So indulge into some cooking with your roomie and enjoy a gala time. Read our post on ‘10 fifteen minute dishes for people who stay in a PG’ and ‘8 maggi recipes with a twist, for your everyday cravings at the PG ’, and decide what you’ll be making.


Take a trip

Life is incomplete without travel – it not only gives you the chance to get to know new places but also understand the people you’re travelling with quite well. So taking a trip to a nearby place with your roommate is a very fine idea. In fact if you stay in a PG in Gurgaon then you can visit hotspots like Rishikesh, Nainital and Nelong valley. Read our post on ‘Nelong Valley: Gear up your PG mates for a trip to the Ladakh of Uttarakhand’, and start packing your bags.


Do share your stories about how you bonded with your roommate when she first moved in to the PG, in the comments below.

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