10 Secrets Which Only Your PG’s Roommate Knows About You

10 secrets which only your PG’s roommate knows about you:-The relationship between you and your PG’s roommate is a special bond that nothing can break. They see you on a constant basis and probably more than anyone else in your life. You share your room with them, the most sacred of places where you can relax and be yourself. There’s no room for judgments here because if you can’t be yourself in your own room, where else are you expected to? Your roommate is caught up on all your latest drama, knows your quirks and tendencies and loves you as the person you truly are.

Living with a roomie is simply great. They don’t nag you the way your mom does or annoy you the way your sibling does. You can totally be yourself and still know that they just won’t mind. In fact they have seen you at your worst and still think that you are quite a cool roommate to live with. If you are close to your roommate too, here are 10 secrets we bet only they know about you.

Secrets Only Your Roomie Knows About You
Secrets Only Your Roomie Knows About You

1. Eating like your stomach is a bottomless pit

Only your roommate knows how much you eat and how often. They have seen you break your sacred diets for a bite of Pizza. They have also seen you hog over food like the world is about to end any second. After all, they are the ones who open the PG’s gate to receive your endless food deliveries from Foodpanda and Swiggy.


2. Refraining from washing of clothes

In the whole wide world only your roommate knows that you don’t believe in washing clothes but you do believe in covering up their foul smell with expensive deodorants. Plus, they totally support your mantra that nobody will notice that you wear the same pair of leggings every single day.


3. Passing out anywhere on those party nights

It is your roommate who shows you the way to the bed on those nights when you’ve had too much to drink. They know that if they don’t then you’ll pass out anywhere other than your bed.

10 secrets which only your PG’s roommate knows about you
10 secrets which only your PG’s roommate knows about you

4. Your baby talks over the phone

No matter how cool you pretend to be when talking about relationships, your roommate knows all about you baby talks over the phone. They know that as soon as your partner will call you’ll start with your cheesy talks. But they never judge you for it as they love you for who you are.


5. Never making your bed

You never have to pretend to be a goddess of cleanliness in front of your roommate because they know that you never make your bed. The fact that you haven’t changed your bed-sheet for over a month is something which only your roommate knows about.


6. Your obsession with TV shows

Only your roommate knows about your weird obsession with TV series and daily soaps. You can lie to others about how lame you find Indian daily soaps but only your roomie knows that you cannot sleep without watching the latest episode of “Sasural Simar Ka”.


7. Calling your mom way too often

For the world you are a strong and independent woman, but your roomie knows how much emotionally dependant you are on your mother. They know that you call your Mum three times a day and inform them about each and every little thing happening in your life.


8. Lying on the bed for hours

People outside your room think that you are a social butterfly, but the reality is that you can stay in your bed for hours binge watching ‘Friends’ and eating way too much. Sometimes you lie in your bed without any sign of moving. But your roomie doesn’t check on you because they are well aware of your extreme laziness.


9. Your bad taste in music

Whenever at a party you show your friends that you are into EDM music, but in your room all you listen to is, Honey Singh songs. Ssssshh….your bad taste in music is one secret which only you and your roommate know about and we know that this breaking news cannot leave the boundaries of your room.


10. Not taking a shower on long weekends

Long weekends are meant for eating all day and sleeping, so why even bother to take a shower? – We know that this is what you say to your roommate when they jokingly ask you if you’re ever going to take a shower. This is another big secret which only your roommate knows.

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Have we missed on any other secret? If yes, then do let us know about it in the comments below.

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